3 Day 2 Nights Komodo Island Tour

The 3 Day 2 Nights Komodo Island Tour is one of the best Komodo tour packages to book in Komodo Wisata. The tour package is based on private and shared options.

Visiting Komodo National Park is a must-do while in Indonesia. The park is located in Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. On this page, we will let you know how to get to Komodo island from Bali.

At Komodo Wisata you can also do a Komodo island tour from Bali, especially this 3-day tour. The tour arrangements will connect to your arrival flight in Labuan Bajo.

Recommended Places to Visit on 3 Day 2 Nights Komodo Island Tour

When you join this tour package, you will visit 9 places in Komodo National Park. The Komodo Island tour from Labuan Bajo is one of the best recommendations to book.

Below are the places to visit:

  1. Kelor Island is an island where you can enjoy the spectacular sea views from the top of the island. You can also swim and snorkel here, or just relax on the beautiful white sandy beach.
  2. Rinca Island is popular as the home of the large lizard, Komodo Dragons. Book a Komodo island tour and enjoy trekking for a beautiful view of the island.
  3. Kalong Island is a place where you can see thousands of baths. They are flying over the island at sunset.
  4. Padar Island is an island where you can enjoy trekking for a spectacular view and the great island formation.
  5. The pink sand beach is located in the north of Komodo Island
  6. Manta Point is a place where you can see the schools of Manta Rays. Enjoy snorkeling here.
  7. Taka Makasar is a white sandy bar, that enjoys walks, snorkeling, and swimming on the island.
  8. Kanawa Island offers a spectacular view, rich in marine life, and beautiful beaches.
  9. Gili Lawa is one of the most beautiful islands in Komodo National Park. There you can enjoy the sunset with a spectacular view. You can also enjoy diving, snorkeling, and swimming.

Best Bali to Komodo Island Tour Package

One Day Komodo Island tour is probably one of the best tour arrangements to book. You will enjoy visiting 6 places with a speedboat from Labuan Bajo.

Our most recommended Komodo island boat trip from Bali to book is a 3 day Komodo private tour. This trip package will be served in a private way. You will enjoy all the places to visit in the Komodo National Park.

Your 3 day Komodo Island boat tour from Labuan Bajo will connect to your flight from Bali. You will start the tour at 09.30 am. Enjoy your private or shared 3 days Komodo trip with your family and friends.

Komodo Island Sailing Trip Prices

Our Komodo Island tours Tripadvisor range from $50 to $5000 per person or per boat. These prices can go for private and shared tours. We offer all types of your budget style.

You can also get a special offer for your Komodo Island sailing tour, especially for boat charters. The boat charter’s discounts can go to 30% off, depending on the season. Peak season will probably have no discounts.

Some of the Komodo island day trip packages are also available for discounts. Just check with them once you make a booking on our website.

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